About Us

The Feddes family has been raising high performance Herefords for over 60 years. Brothers Marvin and Neal Feddes launched the operation in the 1950s, shortly after Marvin returned from service overseas in the United States Army. Neal passed away in 1978. Marvin continued the breeding program, joined by sons Dan and Tim. Marvin passed away in 2017.

We strive to produce sound, efficient cattle with calving ease, rapid gain, and excellent carcass. In our program, we pay careful attention to scientific data, such as EPDs. At the same time, we draw upon our many years of practical experience as cattlemen, and we listen closely to the needs of ranchers, feeders, packers, and consumers. The Feddes cowherd has long been noted for performance, sound feet, and good udders. The average Feddes cow ranks in the top 2% of all Herefords for gain and milk. In other words, when you buy a bull or heifer from the middle of our herd, you are still getting the very top end of Hereford genetics available.

Feddes Herefords were on the cutting edge in the early years of performance testing. Already decades ago, we kept careful in-herd records, when few others were doing so. We also sought objective comparison with cattle from other herds, competing at Midland Test and other central test stations. We had many leading gainers and top sellers. Already forty years ago, steers by a Feddes-bred sire were leaders in carcass Register of Merit, a pilot program for measuring carcass excellent. When increasingly sophisticated computer technology led to the development of EPDs, we were in the vanguard with this important tool. Today we remain on the forefront of stacking genetics for proven, predictable performance.

Even with many advances in EPDs and other objective measures, visual appraisal remains important. Our cattle have won numerous awards over the years at regional and national shows. Some of the most successful show cattle in the nation are in our sire battery and in the cow families behind our sires. We gear our program toward practical profitability, not just showiness, but our cattle match any for style and quality.

We began using our first Line One bull in the 1960s and have continued to build on some of the best Line One genetics since then. More recently we have added some of the best polled bloodlines to our herd with excellent results. We search far and wide across North America in our pursuit of the best genetics available. In addition to the outstanding sires we have purchased or used by artificial insemination, we have also raised notable sires that have been used widely by other breeders as well as in our program.

We sell bulls and females by private treaty, so you can come when it suits you and take your time choosing cattle that meet your needs and your budget. If you’re not able to visit the ranch, you can still make a purchase and have the cattle shipped to you. We guarantee that you will be pleased. We have enjoyed the friendship of many ranchers throughout the years. We value our customers’ trust, and we stand behind our cattle.

We are thankful to our Creator and Savior for the privilege of caring for the land, developing cattle to a higher level, helping to feed our nation, and making a good living for our families while enjoying the ranching lifestyle. We are especially thankful for the relationships we have formed over the years and for the opportunity to help others succeed in reaching their goals. This is not just a business for us. It is a way of life and a gift from God.

We’re pleased that you dropped in on our website, and we would love to welcome you to the ranch in person. Our ranch is in a beautiful valley surrounded by scenic mountains. We're conveniently located two miles south of the Manhattan exit of Interstate 90. Bozeman airport is only 12 miles away. Two ski resorts are within 50 miles. Yellowstone Park is just 80 miles away. We enjoy visits from friends old and new.

Feddes Herefords
2009 Churchill Road
Manhattan, Montana  59741
2 miles south of I-90 exit
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